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Welcome to the Pactbound Wiki!

The Pactbound Wiki contains most information about the Pactbound world that might be needed in your role-play. Please note that there may be exceptions to things stated on the wiki, especially in regards to species.

Go to the main site.

As for what Pactbound itself is, it's a role-playing forum with a unique blend of low fantasy and hard science fiction. Players start by creating their own characters, followed by a thread in which they will use those to play out stories that happen in the Pactbound universe. Your characters can influence other player's ones and, ultimately, also the world's fate, so be careful!


Currently, the wiki is split into the following categories:

  • Plot: the main storyline of Pactbound including the most important happenings.
  • Species: contains information about each species on Pactbound.
  • Culture: contains information about Pactbound's culture.
  • Innerworkings: describes thoroughly how some things work in the world of Pactbound.

Submit new entries

Would you like to submit or help update or add to some entries on this wiki? Let an administrator know and we will get it sorted. Thanks a lot for your support!

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