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Assuming your application has been approved: congratulations! You are almost ready to fully explore the world of Pactbound! As always, if there are any hang-ups, feel free to bug someone from our staff or ask your question over on our Discord server. We and the rest of our community will be there for you to help!

Creating your character
Before you can start role-playing, you will need a character to role-play as. This character must be submitted to our character submission forum. You will find more info on how to submit a character in the sticky you will find over there.

Knowing the plot
It's important to know the current happenings in the world of Pactbound so your characters can react and interact with the world appropriately. Both the full plot we have so far, as well as a summary, can be found in their designated section.

Investigating the lore
To understand how the world will react to your actions, it's handy to know the world's general culture, species, etc. or, in short, the lore. The wiki will include everything to get you up to snuff.

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