Describes what you are and aren't allowed to do on Pactbound.
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Post by jelle619 » January 3rd, 2019, 17:36

Unnecessarily excessively placing posts, smileys, photos, videos, links and mentions among others are considered spam. Also try to avoid excessively using capital letters.

Do not be insulting. Do not hurt others' feelings and stop arguing when the other person asks you to stop.

Inappropriate Material
Media (e.g. photos and videos) deem to be appropriate for this website and our age demographic. For example, things like pornography are not allowed.

lease do not share files for which you do not have the appropriate rights to (re)distribute.

Use of language
The standard language on this website is British English, but you may opt to use most other dialects of English (e.g. American English) in your posts. Please do not deviate from these languages (except where noted). Foul language may be used in your plots, but not against other members.

Privacy and safety
Do not publish any personal information about you and others on this website for your and their own safety. In case you do find that someone else has leaked personal information about you, let an administrator or moderator know immediately.

You are not allowed to create posts with the sole intent of advertising a different initiative or service. In case you would like an exception, please contact an administrator.

You may tag people as long as this is not done in excess.

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