Describes what you are and aren't allowed to do on Pactbound.
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How to start a role-playing thread
  • Thread's title: The title of your thread can be completely original. We recommend choosing a name that fits what you're going to write about or is going to happen in your thread.
  • Use the form below as the first post of your role-playing thread:

    Code: Select all

    [b]Players involved:[/b] the usernames of the forum members that are involved in this thread.
    [b]Characters involved:[/b] put the names of the characters that are involved in this thread here.
    [b]Setting:[/b] where is it (mainly) taking place and, if it takes place outside, what is the weather like?
    [b]Time of day:[/b] morning/afternoon/evening/night
While this is not required, mentioning in which country it takes place would be appreciated.

The newer the thread, the more recent the events in the thread took place.

Use of characters
Please only use characters from the character directory that have been assigned to you. Each character may only be in one thread at a time.

Point of View
Often abbreviated as POV. It refers to your use of pronouns. Please stick to past tense, third person perspective (he, she, they) when writing. This makes it easier for your roleplaying partners' character to respond to yours' actions.

You may also use a past first person perspective where you write in the thread (as if your character wrote it down in his/her diary). You may use this perspective when:
  • Each player agrees to use this perspective
  • Each player only plays one character
You may not use a "chat-like style" of writing where you only write down what a character says and omit his movements, thoughts, etc..

Killing and harming
It is forbidden to kill or significantly harm someone else's character without their explicit permission. You may, however, murder or beat up your own characters as much as you want to (in case you need to satisfy your sadistic tendencies). After a character has ceased to exist, please let one of the administrators/moderators know about so they can update their entry in the character directory.

Powerplaying allows you to make other characters that are not your own in a thread do as you please. At this point in time, it is not allowed on Pactbound.

We target an audience with the age of 13 and up. No pornography or erotica is allowed, though you may mention sex, abuse or anything similar if it supports your plot.

Everyone takes turn in posting to a role-play thread. The person who's last post was the longest time ago gets to write the next piece unless there is a participant that has not posted at all, in which case they will receive precedence. There are exceptions, however, as described in the "Inactivity" section.

  • After the thread has been inactive for more than 3 days, anyone other than the author of the last post who participates in the thread is allowed to reply no matter how long ago their previous post in the thread was posted (unless it's a single-player thread).
  • After the thread has been inactive for more than 7 days, it may be locked by a staff member. It can usually be brought back by asking nicely.

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